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Addicted- LizzylillyRose


Well everyone, it's been a while but I come bearing gifts. I promise this is one you'll love. You all know I have a particular taste in certain fics, and I usually reject those that aren't my style of reads.  However, this one...This one kept me reading.

Addicted Banner

Addicted by Lizzylillyrose

Now normally, i'm not a devourer of the lovely smutty fics, but I can adamantly admit that this sex engorged, plot thickening, mind fuck of a fanfiction will have you wondering if you need to change you panties or read the next chapter as soon as possible. 
Lizzylillyrose (an exceptionable author), gives us another addiction to add to our favorites.

Addicted, will have you clicking on the next button faster than you can realize you have responsibilities to tend to. 
Each chapter is fresh, tantalizing, and deliciously drenched fantastically with a perfect mixture of fluff, smut, angst, and mystery. Every chapter leaves a question that'll have you sifting through each chapter craving and needing more.

I stroked him lightly from the base to the head.
"Fuck," he muttered, his eyes closing and shuddering. His jaw was clenched again, and I stood up and lent to kiss it, gripping his erection tighter in my hand. He opened his eyes, his vibrant orbs dark with pure lust. My lips parted, and Edward leaned his head towards mine and kissed me, deeply and in earnest. His tongue mingled with mine, and I used the tip of my index finger to circle the head of his penis.

You're lying if you say this didn't capture your attention.

If you're looking for a fic to curl up to tonight, this is one that should be on the top of your "READ LIST*
So open a tab, grab a bit to eat, and get comfortable. You're in for a nice smooth ride.
Read, review, and favorite. Show the author and story the love it deserves and embrace the effort and imagination she gives us from chapter one on down. until next time, 


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Featured Must Reads!!!


This book will deepen your understanding of Twilight, reveal the
relevance of the saga to your own personal life and show you
how to find a man who can be your true love. Some girls are
lucky in love and have an instinctive ability to recognise the man
who can make them happy. They can’t explain how they do it.
Their success is a secret, even to themselves. But in this book the
mystery is revealed for Twilight fans.


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Paradise Lost

Im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. The second Fic im about to rec to you all is A fic that I've been reading since the first day it was posted. We all know I love the Angsty Stuff. Im currently on Bed Rest so Im not suppose to be doing any work but I dont't Count this as work. Anyway I'll stop rambling and get on to the Rec. Enjoy.

So this story is beautifullywritten. I can feel all the emotions Bella goes through. The Prologue was the first thing that caught my eye. It was filled with emotion. Even if it is short.

Exert from Prologue-

He stared at her in disbelief. What kind of game she was trying to play was beyond him. Here he was - powerful and rich - standing in a one-bedroom apartment, looking at the woman who claimed to be the mother of his child.

"So, what exactly do you want?" he spat. He had never been more furious in his life. If she was making up lies for money, she would be in big trouble.

"I just want my son to know his father. I don't think that's bad thing. He is a wonderful child, and I know you can feel his pain. Alice told me you grew up without a father yourself-"Bella began, but Edward's hard gaze stopped her.

That was all I needed. I was hooked and I couldn't wait for the next chapter.

With only 10 chapters she has hooked. I am constantly waiting for an Update. I can assure you that you will too! Go ahead and take a shot at this story.


Day: So tell me where did you get the idea for this story? (Paradise Lost)

Bojidara Krumova: Well, I really wanted to read a story in which Edward goes to court and fighting for the child, but there wasn't none. Many people wanted to read a story like this as well, so I just started writing.Plus, I have always had a soft side for Doucheward.

Day: I can understand The Love for the doucheward -laughs- What motivates you to write the most?

Bojidara Krumova : Ever since I was a little girl I had all those crazy ideas in my head, little stories I made up and told people. Many of them told me that I live in my own fairytale world and that live was not a movie or a book. I started writing down the stuff I thought of and before I knew it, I had a story. Writing is relaxing and it frees you in more ways than people can imagine.You could always take a paper and a pen and write every thought you have. When you write you're who you want to be, you're alone with your thoughts -- you don't have to fit anywhere. I can honestly say, that I'm truly myself when I write.

Day: Did you have any concerns with how your readers would take the plot?

Bojidara Krumova: Of course! Not just with "Paradise Lost" with my every story. I had to gather up the courage to even post my first story for weeks. Reading the first positive and negative comment is like a wake-up call for the author. Every time I post a chapter I wait anxiously for at least one review to see how this person liked it. However, when in the end you read all of the sweet and nice things people say, it warms your heart and every little concern is worth it :)

Day: So, is the story that you are posting now the original idea you had or have you tweaked it a bit?

Bojidara Krumova: Oh, it's completely mine. I have another story, Death on Stephenson Street, which is based on the Tv Show Bones, but Paradise Lost is a fruit of my crazy imagination. Truth be told, I still don't know where the story is going from now. I just think of a chapter's plot and start writing.

Day: Many author just wing the story after they have a certain idea, do you do that or do you follow a outline?

Bojidara Krumova: I have a big notebook in which I write some facts. Sometimes I write a plan and then follow it when I write the chapter. I mostly do that in school, where I don't have access to computer :)

Day: Did you have any inspiration for the characteristics of your Edward?

Bojidara Krumova: No, I really didn't. I had promised a reader or mine, Kate, to make her the douchiest Doucheward ever, so I started thinking: what would the biggest douche do? Things just started popping up in my head. I wrote the Prologue for three minutes.

Day: Out of All the chapter you have written which one has been the hardest by far?

Bojidara Krumova: Well, there are different kinds of difficulties when you write a chapter. I, for example, like to be accurate in my chapters. Before I start to write, I always do one hell of a research and find all of the information I'm going to need. When Bella had to give birth do DJ, I watched 7 birthing videos and read what mothers had said about their first time giving birth. This is quite difficult, but there's also the moment in which you're stuck. Sometimes you want to say too many things at once and you have to stop and collect your thoughts. So far, I believe that chapter 1 was the hardest to write. I had to make B/E meeting intense. I had to show what kind of ass Edward was and in the same time, not to make Bella too naive. I think it worked out good in the end, though.

Day: And the Easiest?

Bojidara Krumova: Well, the Prologue. Not only that I wrote it for less than five minutes, but also I had thought about it so much, before I wrote it, it was a piece of cake. I wrote 500 words like it was nothing.

Day: Has your story won any awards/nominations?

Bojidara Krumova: No. :(. I was nominated for the first time two days ago, but it was for another story. I was thrilled.

Day: How does it feel to know you have so many readers that love this story?

Bojidara Krumova: Amazing. Every time I see a comment like "I'm a new reader and I love your story", or "I just read your story over night" I smile like a child on Christmas. I do my best to reply too every single review and express my gratitude.

Day: How does it feel to be fangirled over?

Bojidara Krumova: Fangirled over? :D Um...well my readers are really cool people and they never go crazy like "You have got to update faster or I'll go crazy" or something of this kind. They're amazing and understandable. I can't say I'm not giddy for all the love they give me.My sweeties are great.

Day: Who where your betas for the story? are you close with them?

Bojidara Krumova: @ProjectTeamBeta takes care for #ParadiseLost. I still don't have a secon-run beta assigned, but my first one, kikidew is a sunshine :)

Day: And You're pre-readers, who i must say i'm absolutly jealous of, What is thier role in the process?

Bojidara Krumova: Oh, I'm awful like that.I write the chapter and I publish it and then send it to my pre-readeR.She's only one Kate(FrauSorge) Though she was of HUGE help with the Prologue. She was the first one who read it, maybe a couple of months before I published. She gave me the thumbs up. I'm really grateful to her :)

Day: How many chapter are you going to have in the story? Is it close to being finished?

Bojidara Krumova:Oh, it's nowhere to be close to finished. It's only five chapters (Prologue added) in. I haven't thought about it but it will be a 30+ chapter story for sure.


Name: B.Krumova
Age: 17.
Country : Bulgaria
Penname: b.krumova
Twitter Name : chickenpoxx
Fav music while reading: River Flows in You;
Favorite Author : Sandra Brown;
Fav. Fic : Love On The Seine (wandb)
Fav Book: impossible to choose, "The Alibi", "Twilight Saga", "Pride and Prejudice" my mom's romance novels.
Muse: I don't really have a muse
First Fanfic: Three Kisses
Are you okay with people making a PDF of you fic?: Im working on a PDF
Are you Okay with Translating your Fic?: NO TRANSLATION
Would You ever take the Story down to be Published?: If I ever get published I don't want my story being read before as FF.
How Do You feel about Tabboo?: No taboos for me.
Favorite Site to Update?: Twilighted
Hand Written or Type?: Type
Why should people read your stories? Give ONE reason: My Life is an Open Book

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Im Alive...I come bearing Gifts!!

So I know, I haven't posted anything in a long time and i am truly sorry! But I come bearing gifts! TWO story recs and TWO interviews! -smiles at my epicness- See don't you all love me?

After a terrible shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea, Isabella Swan, marquise de Courville, her two best friends and her loyal servants are rescued, but only to become slaves and serve the Volturi brothers, three men with very dark desires. AH, Domward.
So this story is beyond Epic! I had passed it by a couple of times, because well...I currently suck! lol! But this story captured me after the first chapter! Im a sucker for Period Stories. It was written so beautifully!

Domward and Innocentella are perfected in this story.
This Story starts out With our Bella on a boat, being shipped of to her new husband Sir Newton. I don't want to say much more for I fear I will never stop and I don't want to spoil it for you guys.

This story is filled with Romance and Adventure. You will soon become completely addicted!

Exert from Chapter 9-

The young woman turned swiftly to face me, and I saw her striking brown eyes open wider with surprise. Or was it admiration? I knew the effect I had on women because of my good looks, but the girl was overly shocked, it seemed. Actually, it was kind of ridiculous. The slave acted like she didn't know where she was for a moment. She was looking everywhere and touching her arms as to confirm she was awake. I let her continue acting confused for a while because it allowed me to evaluate the perfection of her delicate features, which reminded me of a porcelain doll. Good God, she was lovely! She was biting her lower lip, and only at that moment did I notice she had a huge purple bruise below her eye on the right side of her otherwise pale face. The contrast between her light skin and the dark mark was troubling.

Felix had told me she was not loquacious, but I began to worry that she might be aphasic. "My brother Emmett told me about three exceptional young beauties, but he forgot to mention one of them was mute…"

Im telling You guys it sooo worth the read! So gets your Click finger moving and read this story! I promise you will adore it!


Day: Hey!

Milk: Hello

Day: Its Nice to Meet you

Milk: It's nice to meet you too. Must have been ten years since my last visit to a chat room.

Day: Lool, I spend most of my time in here with what all the interviews -smh-

Milk: It's very convenient indeed.


Day: -stupid Caps-

Day: I really hate my keyboard sometimes

Milk: Of course. I'm all ears

Milk: those smileys are funny...

Day: So Tell Me, Where did you get the idea for this story?

Milk: It's really pretty simple. I wrote a little piece of smut in January of 2010, and got many reviews for it (by the French standards) and when I was done writing it and wanted more reviews, so I started writing Slave in French.

Day: -nods-

Milk: I was on my way to school with the kids and then I saw my characters appear in my head and I knew what I was going to do with them right away

Day: When did you decided to translate it?

Milk: I started in French in February and English in May I started to translate my story when I realize that no one wanted me to translate their own stories in French. It's not the case anymore though. Now I'm translating 3 story from English to French, in addition of translating indomptable esclave to Slave

Day: Wow...

Day: So what gives you the inspiration to write?

Milk: If you mean how I started to write it was on a dare.

Day: -laughs- A dare?

Milk: My husband dared me to write my own smut when tara sue me turned my offer to translate the Training in French down. You see, the thing is that tara sue me's translations of The Sub and the Dom are awful, so I wanted to redress the situation.

Day: Oh My Gosh xD

Day: Where you scared?

Milk: No I'm not scared of writing. I can write about anything, but I won't

Day: Why?

Milk: Why I won't write about anything? I write happy story so that leaves the angst out right away

Day: I see, you don't like the angst?

Milk: Personnally I don't read angst stuff, unless you consider MotU angsty.

Milk: lol

Day: I never finished MotU but yeah thats Angsty

Milk: Ok, that is why I was unhappy by the end of it...

Day: Thats what everyone keeps telling me

Milk: So about Slave, I really don't know what to say about my source of inspiration... I like period stories

Day: Kay, Did ya have any concern with how your readers would take the plot?

Milk: I have a pre reader and I sent her my chapters and she would tell me what to keep in the plot and what to change, because some of my stuff is pretty graphic, and the english readers have not seen the most of it yet. She was affraid I may be banned from FF, lol

Day: lool

Day: So, is the story that you are posting now the original idea you had or have you tweaked it a bit?

Milk: The ten first chapters I wrote in French were without any plot, actually...

Day: really?

Milk: But by the tenth chapter I realized I needed to know where I was going, so I wrote the plot down Yes, really, because when I sit at my computer my characters tell me what to write, basically

Day: so you didn't have an outline?

Milk: at first, believe it or not, no I didn't

Milk: But it was never an issue with the English version because I was way in advance with the French version

Day: ok

Milk: I started to translate the story about at the same time I wrote the plot down. Out of 27 chapters in French next chapter that I'll post in English is chapter 17

Day: Did you have any inspiration for the characteristics of your Characters?

Milk: I think that my characters are a mix of all the characters I read over the years what with my love of historic novels.I mean, I used my imagination, but when I look back at my characters, I can see some similarities with some characters I read about

Day: -nods-

Milk: I don't know if you're familiar with the Angelique novels...I decided to set my story at the same time because I knew a lot about that era. About Louis XIV and the famous people from his time. I had a lot of fun writing Edward

Day: lool I also have my fair share of Period Novels

Milk: Well, I always have a lot of fun when I write no matter what...

Day: Out of All the chapter you have written which one has been the hardest by far?

Milk: I'm not sure what you mean. If you mean in term of content, the whole chapter about Japser was difficult to write, but more so to translate because I relive the scene all over again. It was not a happy chapter... But there will be a very happy endingAnyhow the whole translating process is hard because I'm always thinking of my poor beta who's afraid of smut...

Day: She doesn't Like Smut? Why?

Milk:You'd have to ask her, but the first chapter I sent her, her eyes were popping, And yet she's always rec'cing me some good smut... go figure...

Day: My beta loves the Smut :$

Milk: I don't mind good smut

Day: Which was the easiest Chapter to write?

Milk: I think it was the one when Edward and Bella get to serious business, which is yet to come in English

Day: Has your story won any awards?

Milk: No, not that I know of, lol It should, shouldn't it ? lol

Day: yes it should Im surprised no Nominations either?

Milk: It is a nominee for Best must read and Best Carlisle on the Avant garde Awards...

Day: Ok

Day: Who where your betas for the story? are you close with them?

Milk: I have one official beta for Slave and Hunting party and she's the lovely Just4ALE (The Vampire tetralogy and Tunes with Tony Masen) I have one unofficial beta for my other translation. I don't need a beta in French. I am a beta myself

Day: are guys close?

Milk: My unofficial beta is Cris (As Children After Play)depends how close we can be considering she lives in San Diego and I live 20 minutes from Manhattan, lol, but we are close in the heart

Day: lool

Day: And You're pre-readers, who i must say i'm absolutely jealous of, What is thier role in the process? If you have them of course

Milk: Well, as I said, I had (since my story is now complete in French I can use the past tense) a pre-reader who would tell me if I was borderline or past the border, so to speak. Ohtte than that I offered Furious Strength to pre read my chapters in English but I never heard of her again after she started a thread for me on Twilighted.

Day: thats sad

Milk: My pre-reader right now is the lovely RobnCrisforever (or something that souns like that) because she took the time of sending me some lovely comments and I felt she deserved a reward for that(not that my other readers don't need a reward too, but...) one thing is for sure you all deserve an award for your patience between the updates (one is coming soon by the way)

Day: How many chapter are you going to have in the story? Is it close to being finished?

Milk: No, I'm afraid to say it's 15 chapters from the end, give or take...

About Milk40-

Name: Pascale Patakova Vaillancourt Lepine.

Age:Did I mention that I'm 41?

Country: US (was born in Montreal Canada but been living in the State for 13 years.

Penname: Milk40.

Twitter: I'm not on Twitter but I'm on Facebook, lol.

Favorite music while writing: anything will do, I'm very ecclectic. Although my favorite band is Depeche Mode since always and for ever.

Favorite author : Dennis Lehane.

Favorite undiscovered fic : As Children After Play.

Favorite Book : Twilight (the whole saga) heck, if it wasn't for Twilight I wouldn't be writing fan fiction.

Muse: The universe of Twilight. I wouldn't write if it were not for the discovery of those books 2 years ago.

Translation: I write my translation first by hand and then I type the frist draft. I don't need to write a first draft in French.

Fandoms: I'm only into Twilight, and I don't read fan fiction about other characters than the ones from Twilight. For that I read original fictions.

First Fanfic: Without the sun, by sunshine-faery.

Are you okay with people making a PDF without your premission: One reason why other should read my story is simply because it's as good as some of those which get ten time more reviews. They don't need more. I do, lol.

Okay with people translating it without permission: Well, I'm so not popular on FF that I doubt someone would translate my stuff... But that said my story is being transalted in German

How do you feel about tabboo/incest/bdsm fanfictions: I don't mind reading about incest/tabboo/ bdsm as long as it is well written. Heck, I am translating a BDSM story myself (People like us) Since I could write about anything, I guess I could read about anything, but geez, what is it with this The Perfect Wife story that is attracting so many readers ? It is not great literature...

Day: O.O The Perfect Wife is Awesome!

Milk If you like your Bella being abused by a crazy dad and brother. But like I said, if the story was great literature perhapes I would read it, but I have to read it anyway because I'm the beta for the French translator... which means I respect who ever likes it it's just not my bread and butter... lol or should I say my cup of tea... It's just that I can't imagine the author of this story having a blast writing it...

Day:to each his own -shrugs-

Milk: exactly, and this story is a hit over the French fandom, and I try my best for it to look great, even if I personally don't like it.

Day: Why should other read your story? Give One Reason:

Milk: Well, I can answer again: because my story is as good as some of those which get ten times as many reviews. My story is as unique as some other we hear about all the time. When I hear someone saying that this story or that story is unique I want to tell them, well, come have a look on mine and tell me about unique.

Milk: I have a big mouth, I couldn't be a diplomat, sorry, lol

Milk: I'm glad you took the time to interview me. It means a lot to me.

Day: Its means a lot to me too

Day: I've been trying to get this done for a while, Im just luck I got you when i did

Milk: You meet a lot of great authors everyday. I envy you.

Day: Not all of them are so great, some deny me the interview

Day: its always a hit or miss

Milk: they just have a relally big ego to deny an interview...

Day: -nods- Yeah well I understand

Milk: Well to finish this enterview I will let you know that the very nice Sebastien Robichaud gave me his blessing to translate The Ice Queen and Mister McCarty in French...

Milk: I said they just have I meant they must have, lol

Day: wow!

Milk: So if you have time, go check on my other story Hunting party aka Master of the orgasm. It's a lot of fun too...

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TheWhitePen Interview.

Hello sweets, as you should know, I'm Tyggy and Your fic The Lost Soul was recced' by none other than MOI!, and I must say, you had me hooked from the first chapter. I absolutely love this story and what you've brought new to the table in fanfiction. You are really bringing people out of their comfort zone with this one in a very fantastic way. It's new. It's refreshing and it's pleasantly addictive. So with my fangirling out of the way lol let's get started.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lost Souls by TheWhitePen

What if your soul mate is born seventy years after your death? Could you wait? AU/AH No Vamps
Hey Everyone! This is of course the Infamous Tyggy, late as always, but I bring gifts.
I found this gem one day when i got a slew of emails from a C2 community I subscribed too.I won't lie I passed this story up twice (man do i regret it now) but something about this story screamed for me to read it. I couldn't resist the pull of the story and took my first steps into my newest addiction. Like most who are fairly new to fandom, I was a little skeptical about reading because of the summary. Edward dead, Bella Alive no way in hell she could pull it off.

 But any doubt I had was crushed after reading the first chapter. Talented is too little of a word to describe this lady's abilities. Everything in the first chapter captured my attention at once. The story is written incredibly well and I am in awe of the raw creativity and imagination this woman possesses. Her concept of the connection between this world and next is so well crafted that even I looked over my shoulder a few times wondering If someone could possibly be around me just waiting for someone to remember them. Now the story is fucking awesome,this bitch knows her shit, and she knows it well. Her characters are complex and the pace of the story will keep you wanting to know more and more about her character's background. Everyone seems to have a story, and if you are as greedy as I am, I'm positive you'll want to know more as well.

Bella in this story, has moved to a new quaint little town, starting over from a very questionable pass which seems to be unraveling as the story continues to develop. She buys a house she adores, though it needs a bit of tlc.The only drawback to the property that bothers everyone but Bella, is that there's a small little cemetery right behind her new home. She buys the house against the relator's advice and settles in comfortably, relishing in her purchase. As the story progresses, we see Bella become draw to a lonely little grave at he far corner of the cemetery, belonging to Edward Masen. Just saying or thinking his name, drew him from an eternity of sleep and brought her to his attention. Even though she didn't know him, she developed a small connection to the fallen soldier and their story is only beginning:

"One grave at the far end of the cemetery seemed to draw me in. It was a lone gray marble headstone. Nothing fancy, just the finely carved letters of the name and dates. The only decoration was a small American Flag that had been recently planted by a veterans group on Memorial Day. He had been a soldier. A tear slid down my cheek, and for some reason I felt a profound sense of loss as I leaned down to read the words on the stone:
Edward A. Masen
February 27, 1900 – October 25, 1918"

Edward P.O.V
"The light flared, brighter than it had in ages, startling and disorienting in its brief flash. But it was over almost as soon as it started, leaving behind only the ghost of an image. A face. The beautiful, sad face of a woman with a tear running down her cheek. I tried desperately to hold on to this image, to sear it into my consciousness before it slowly faded back into the endless black night."

This one chapter had me running to the next button, but i couldn't go on without leaving her words of encouragement to continue, and for a job Greatly done. Don't be scared to read this.  Open your mind to the impossible and new ranges of fanfiction. I promise you will thank me just after reading one chapter. It's well written, original, imaginative and downright fuckawesome.
It is extremely difficult for me not to spoil the story for you. But here's one more sneak peek into her story.

"Lying in bed I was exhausted, but couldn't seem to fall asleep. My mind kept replaying the contents of the diary and what I had learned about Rose and Edward. When I finally did drift off to sleep, I dreamed of the soldier in the picture. Just like the picture, his features and his uniform were all in sepia tones of brown and gray, all except for his piercing green eyes."

Edward p.o.v
"I drifted on to an upstairs room where I found an angel lying on a bed curled up under the covers. Her body hummed, its life force radiating into the space around her. It was this force that had pulled me to her, and I basked in its glow."

 If  that's not enough to make you curious enough to read, I don't know what is. Trust in me, and the author, You'll love this story. It's nothing like anything I've ever read and I'm absolutely positive you'll love this even more than I do.

Read and Review Babes, This is one of the author's that truly deserve it.
Happy reads! Look out for My new interview with TheWhitePen coming up soon.


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Four Weeks by Elvirina


Follow the journey of a destined love between a FEMALE Jasper and Alice, who were brought together by fate, and bonded by a Raw, Intense and an unfiltered connection towards one another. Femme slash.

Before i begin I would like to kick everyone is the shins *kicks* This story should have way more review that jusy fucking 32!


Chapter one:

"Jasper." I said, declaring my name. I was just a few beats too late to be professional, but I was taken aback by the stunning and beautiful girl in front of me. Her hair was dark and thick around the angelic face. She was mesmerizing.

"Jasper?" She echoed and frowned, her voice like a light summer's breeze. I smiled sheepishly as that was the normal reaction to my name. Seeing my name on a business card, a person would surely expect a man, hair on the chest, a hand like a shovel, and definitely packing in the lower department, but I was all female. My mother had just refused to pick a new name when her first born was a girl and not a boy as expected.

"Yes." I smiled cordially.

Is worth Way more the 32 fucking review!! I was sure as hell not expecting THAT when I first read this fine piece of literature. Now I must say when it comes to picking Fics to read I’m down right picky. I can find SOMETHING wrong with almost anything I read. I hate poor grammar and when I see it, it stays engraved in my brain forever. So it is a Miracle that I find something that in less than 10 chapters has me enthralled and away from Twitter. But this story was just…just…just FUCKING AWESOME (I just realized that I have said way to many fuckings in this review already but that is how awesome this fic is). Not to mention the Author is a totes awesome person, Who has become a good friend of mine on Twitter.

.Now if I have one bad thing to say about this story, it would have to be Fucking Leah…literally. This Leah is such a bitch! And I don’t mean in a good way!

Chapter 3:

"What, Leah?" I groaned.

"Oh, you got it bad." She teased. I glared at her, stunned all her anger from last week had dispersed. I had expected her to be all up in my face, barking orders and treating me like shit for a long time.

"I don't know what you are talking about and if I did, it is none of your business anyway." I finished grimly.

"Oh Jasper, get over yourself. I did." She said snidely. "With a nice, young and fresh piece of pussy Saturday... and Sunday."

"God, you are crude sometimes." I sighed and shook my head.

That my friends is a bitch in heat. But this story is an all around good read! So –kicks again- Go fucking read and then review it! A story this god deserves to be read over and over. Its unique and different, Its not something you would see day to day. This is a sparkling gem in some coal? Idk, im bad at analogies. All I know that it’s a damn good read, and that for me is very hard to find. I can go HOURS looking for something to read and not find it at all. Don't believe me? Prove me wrong and check it out then! You won't be sorry. Just be sure to leave her some love and tell her we sent you.

Listen to twificbitchess Playlist